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Tip of the Week

Go to the Post Office or Pay Bills Online

Instead of paying bills by putting checks in your home mailbox (where ID thieves could get them), take outgoing mail to the Post Office or pay online through secure sites, like your bank or credit card website.

Immediately Review all Statements for Errors

Your credit and debit card information can be stolen without your knowledge. By carefully reviewing your statements and immediately reporting any problems, you can stop the thieves from cleaning out your accounts.

Clean Out Your Wallet

To help protect your identity, clean out your wallet to remove anything you don’t use frequently, especially cards with your social security number. Leave extra credit cards and your checkbook at home when you’re not planning to use them.

(Photo by NoHoDamon)

Review and Update Your Computer’s Security

Make sure your computer’s security systems are up to date and functioning properly. Remember to use safe computer practices and keep your identity safe. For more tips, check out (Photo by wysz)

Use Your Local Library

Libraries are fun, and free. Get a free library card and rent free DVDs, music CDs, or books. Or, you can hang out at the library and just relax and read your favorite magazines and newspapers.

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