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Tip of the Week

Lower your air conditioning costs

Have your air conditioning unit inspected by a service technician at least 1 every two years. Also try to change or clean your filters monthly. Dirty filters or malfunctioning units decrease efficiency and they will increase your costs.

Summer Classes

This might not be the ideal way to spend your summer, but it could mean huge savings in your tuition bill, and in the long run, a quick start to your professional career. Also remember that with the new financial aid legislation, you might be able to obtain a Pell Grant for the summer semester; talk to a financial aid advisor at your institution for more information.

Extended Warranties on Appliances

Personal finance experts Ken and Daria Dolan say if you feel strongly about buying an extended warranty, a good rule of thumb is to make sure it costs less than 20% of the purchase price. Shop around, and carefully review the terms, including the length of coverage and any fees.

Launder Less Often, and only in cold water

Many of us are guilty of over-laundering our clothes, which costs time and money and is usually unnecessary. Washing and drying is often actually harder on clothing fabric than wearing it! Consider wearing apparel items more than once between laundering, and wash most clothing in cold water only; cold water costs less, is gentler on fabrics, and you will get most clothes just as clean.

At Home Fun

Hold a family game night instead of going out. It’s free and a great way to reconnect with each other.

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