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Tip of the Week

Evaluate your feelings about risk

The current market climate provides a great opportunity to take your risk temperature. When times are good, it’s easy to be more aggressive. But how do you feel now? Review your mix of stocks, bonds, and cash. If you don’t have the stomach for dramatic market swings, or you’re investing for short-term goals (less than five years), it might be appropriate to gradually reduce your exposure to the stock market.

Pick products on the top and bottom shelves

Bigger sizes of items, which tend to offer a lower price per unit, are usually placed on the highest and lowest shelves at the supermarket. Smaller sizes, with a higher price per unit, are often given prime placement at eye level.

Professional mechanical advice

When buying a used car, the most critical thing to do is to find a good, reliable mechanic that can spot hidden accidents or flooding damage (auto history reports would do the same). The mechanic can give you an assessment of the soundness of the car’s systems and specific parts.

2012 Vacation Plans

If you are planning a family vacation over the holidays or summer break, consider a big family road trip. You could save some serious dollars by splitting the cost of gas, lodging, and admission fees with family and friends. Also it would an ideal way to reconnect with the people that mean so much in your life, but you rarely have time to see.

Free Internet for a Month?

Before you go on vacation, check with your Internet provider to see if you can get a credit for the time you’re away and not using your connection. Some Internet providers allow for two vacation credits per year. If you pay $30 per month for your service and go away twice during the year for two weeks at a time, that would equal $30 in savings.

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