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Tip of the Week

“Long” and “Short” sales cycles

Many grocery stores run two sales cycles each week. One sales flier comes out on Thursday and runs for seven days: this is the “Long” cycle. But the same stores often have a second sales flier that comes out on Sundays and runs for four days: this is the “Short” cycle. There are four days each week when both cycles overlap; in order to maximize savings, you should shop during these four overlapping days.

You don’t have to do it alone

Now more than ever may be the time to seek out professional help. Many employers provide access to investment advice as part of their overall benefits package, and increasing numbers of brokerage firms offer complimentary consultations. If you’re unsure of what to do, by all means reach out to someone you can trust.

Parents are the ultimate financial educator

A recent Young Adults and Money survey suggested that 49% of 23 to 28 year-olds still rely on their parents for some sort of financial support. 43% of those same adults also said that they receive ongoing financial advice from their parents. Make sure you are talking to your children, regardless of age, about budgeting, credit, insurance, taxes and investing because they will listen to you. If you need further guidance, please review those sections on

Buy store brands instead of name brands

Store brands are usually close to the market leader in quality yet less costly. In fact, the same manufacturer that makes the branded product often manufactures the house brand.

Consider an education at a Community College

Two year institutions are our nation’s trade schools, training 59% of our new nurses as well as graduating wind-farm technicians and video-game designers amongst hundreds of other degrees. Community college graduates earn up to 30% more than high school graduates, a boon that helps state and local government reap a 16% return on every dollar they invest in community colleges.

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