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Tip of the Week

Refill water bottles

Fill up your water bottle at home. You will save time and money by not having to purchase a beverage while you are out and about… you’re also helping the environment!

Shop clearance racks

Never pay full price. You will feel the pain when you come back to see that those jeans you bought a couple weeks ago on clearance for much less than what you paid for!

Wait to purchase textbooks

Sometimes professors allow students to use an older edition, which can be much less expensive than the current editions. Sometimes textbooks are optional.

Always buy used textbooks!

Before shopping for textbooks in campus bookstores, try shopping online first. But make sure you buy from a trustworthy and legit website!

Save money on books

Ask your friends and classmates if they have the books you need. They could sell their books to you at a very friendly price, or possibly let you borrow the books for free!

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