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Tip of the Week

Air Dry Your Dishes

You can turn off the heat dry option on your dishwasher and save money and energy.

Share Bulk Food Items With Others

Many people do not need a case of tuna fish or a ten-pound bag of carrots, but sharing a bulk purchase with one or two other people can give all of you just the right amount and save money. Discuss this idea with close friends or relatives.

Make a Fair Trade

Swapping extra goods or services between neighbors and friends can be a good way to save money. For instance, a neighbor can trade her cleaning skills for day-care time for her child; in exchange for some editing, a friend can help organize a messy apartment. The swaps are endless -- and the savings can be huge. You can even get together with friends and have a clothes or furniture/house item swap. You may even make valuable relationships in the process!

Consider Giving Up Premium Cable Channels

It is a lot cheaper to rent one film a week than watching movies on premium cable channels that may cost hundreds of dollars a year.

Be Aware of Your Cell Phone Costs and How to Reduce Them

Cell phone use has dramatically increased communications expenditures in many households. Understand peak calling periods, area coverage, roaming, and termination charges. Make sure your calling plan matches the pattern of calls you typically make.

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