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Tip of the Week

Weekly Savings Holidays

Select several days a week where you don't buy anything. It is amazing how easily it becomes a good habit. Your checking account stays healthier and the credit card expenses rapidly diminish.

Opt Out

Did you know you can opt out of prescreened credit card offers, junk mail, and getting calls from telemarketers? It saves you time and protects your identity. To learn how, check out our Identity Theft course.

Check Your Credit Report

Free copies of your credit report are available once a year from You can also request yours by calling (877) 730-4104. For a guide on how to read your credit report, review our Credit course.

Teach Your Children EARLY About Savings

If they want something, work with them to save enough money to buy the item. They need to learn they cannot buy on impulse, but if they save they can get the item they desire. Make saving fun by tracking and rewarding savings, this can be a great family experience.

Use Cash

At the beginning of each month withdraw cash for entertainment and eating out expenses. It helps with budgeting and saving.

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