Shred Challenge 2012 Winners

Shred Challenge 2012

As part of Financial Literacy Month 2012, CollegeInvest partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver Branch to offer the Shred Challenge 2012, a financial literacy scholarship program. The program was designed as an opportunity for students to integrate artistic and written expression and financial literacy.

Each Shred Challenge participant was required to choose one Money 101 course to complete and to create an art piece that reflected a key point they learned from the course. The students were also asked to write a brief essay to explain their art piece and how it related to the personal financial literacy topic they chose.  The participants of Shred Challenge 2012 were high school sudents from Denver School of the Arts and The Academy.

Shred Challenge 2012 was a beta-test for a program that we hope to expand in the coming years. If you are a High School teacher, administrator or counselor in Colorado and are interested in participating in Shred Challenge in the future, please let us know at

People’s Choice Award

Ching-An Wu (Denver School of the Arts)

Prize: $75 worth of merchandise from The Vault gift shop and $1,000 in shredded cash from the Federal Reserve Bank.
Project: Untitled
Topic: Psychology of Money

Read Ching-An’s essay [pdf]


Third Place Award

Cortez Tafoya (The Academy)

Prize: A $200 Visa gift card from the Federal Reserve Bank.
Project: Untitled
Topic: Insurance

Read Cortez’s essay [pdf]


Second Place Award

Marco Helson (Denver School of the Arts)

Prize: A $500 college scholarship from CollegeInvest.
Project: Untitled
Topic: Psychology of Money

Read Marco’s essay [pdf]


First Place Award

Megan-Nicole Sabin (The Academy)

Prize: A $1,000 college scholarship from CollegeInvest.
Project: Untitled
Topic: Money Management

Read Megan-Nicole’s essay [pdf]


We would like to say thank you again everyone who participated in the Shred Challenge 2012! 
Thank you to the students who put together such great art pieces, to the teachers who were willing and able to incorporate the Shred Challenge into their lesson plans, to the judges who helped select the three winners, and to everyone in the general public who viewed and voted for the People’s Choice winner.  We all had a lot of fun, and hope to do it again next year.


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