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Many people don’t like to pay taxes because it can be difficult to see where the money goes and what good comes from taxes.  But you probably benefit from taxes every day when you drive down a street (the construction and maintenance of it are paid through tax funds), check out a library book (funded by taxes), or take out a federal student loan (yes, you guessed it: the program is funded in part by taxes). 

In the Income Course, we explain taxes deducted from your paycheck and how to minimize taxes owed through good planning.  In this course, you will learn about taxes both from a personal finance perspective and from a larger economic, societal perspective.  We will also show you how to keep records so that you can find important documents no matter where you are in life.  A good understanding of how taxes work and why we have them is an important part of being financially literate. 

Our Tax Course was developed in partnership with the Colorado Financial Planning Association.

Here's an outline of what we will cover in this course:

  1. Identify the taxes we pay and the tax-supported services we receive
  2. Understanding taxation
  3. Explain the basics of income subject to taxation
  4. Understanding deductions
  5. Understanding exemptions 
  6. Understanding credits
  7. Tax advantages for higher education 
  8. Understanding your tax filing choices  
  9. Keeping good records for tax purposes
  10. Free tax filing assistance for low- to moderate-income taxpayers
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