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2.  Purchasing Decisions

d. Why Sales are so tempting (continued)

So, what happened to Erin at the store? When she saw the sale, she suddenly felt pressure to buy the second pair of shoes. The sale created a sense of necessity – if Erin didn’t buy the second pair that day she wouldn’t get the sale price. She also saw all the people at the sale and felt that she was competing with them to get a good deal. After Erin had spent some time looking through so many pairs of shoes, she felt a sense of accomplishment when she found a pair that she liked. Even though Erin didn’t love the shoes, because she had spent time searching, she placed more value on them than she normally would. That’s a whole lot of feelings and emotions involved in buying the second pair of shoes. If Erin had taken a moment to think about how her emotions and feelings were influencing her decision to buy the shoes, she might not have bought them at all.

Remember, Erin had gone to the store intending to buy just one pair of shoes for $100 – she had not planned to buy a second pair. Without the sale she probably would have left the store with only the sneakers she had planned to buy and $45 more in her pocket.

The next time you see a sale, take a moment to think about whether you would buy the item if it were not on sale. Is it something you need even if it’s not on sale? If it’s something that you’ve had your eye on, the sale may offer a great opportunity to save money. Maybe you can buy a sale item that is similar and can take the place of a regular priced item you planned to buy. But if you’re thinking about buying something just because it’s on sale, think again… after all, you’re not “saving” money by buying something you don’t need or wouldn’t have bought without the sale!

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