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4. Consumer Protection

This section was developed using content from the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

Although most merchants, stores and companies are honest business people, sometimes disputes arise or consumers run into scams. Our government has put safeguards in place to help us out if those things occur.

a. Know what lemon laws are

Lemon laws establish standards for when vehicles and other products should be repurchased or replaced by the manufacturer. Every state has a lemon law, though they tend to vary from state to state. The lemon laws contain eligibility requirements, notice requirements, and also set out specific remedies that a consumer may recover in a legal action against the manufacturer if a product cannot be fixed to conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

Programs to help resolve lemon law disputes are available to most consumers. The Better Business Bureau offers BBB AUTO LINE, which can help consumers negotiate with manufacturers of motor vehicles.

View a Summary of the Colorado Lemon Law Standards.
Learn about other state’s lemon laws.
Learn more about BBB AUTO LINE or file a complaint.

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