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Saving & Investing - Heart Matters


2. Saving and Emotions continued

b. Learning to develop self discipline

We all have some self-discipline. Think about how many times you've monitored what you've said or done in a public setting, knowing that you'd act differently in the privacy of your home. This is self-discipline. However, most of us could benefit from developing more self-discipline when it comes to saving and investing your money.  

Financial professionals suggest certain techniques to make saving and investing easier, such as having a set amount of money automatically withdrawn from your checking account on a monthly basis and put into a savings or money market account. Those tools are great and they usually mean that you don’t have to rely on your own self discipline quite as much; however, developing self-discipline is also an important internal process.

You can work on developing this skill by doing one thing on a daily basis that you do not like to do. For instance, if you have a tendency to put off doing your dishes, start to do them right away everyday for a week and notice how much easier it gets over time and notice the sense of pleasure you get from accomplishing something. Notice how much you reduce your anxiety by not procrastinating. Just start with one thing a day, something doable that's not too overwhelming. 

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