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Saving & Investing - Heart Matters


2. Saving and Emotions

a. What is self discipline?

Learning how to spend, save, and invest in a moderate manner takes self discipline. So, what is self discipline exactly? Self discipline is the ability to make choices and act based on rationality; taking your emotions into consideration versus acting completely on emotion. And, it's the ability to cope with negative emotions and sensations in the moment in order to have something positive in your future.

Many people feel a sense of pleasure from doing something responsible like saving and investing. However, most of us get a greater sense of pleasure from doing something that gives us immediate feelings of joy such as going on vacation, eating at a restaurant you love, or buying an outfit that looks really good on you. There is a place in our lives for pleasurable activities that cost money. We are not suggesting that you eliminate those types of activities from your life. Instead, we're suggesting that you learn how to spend money on those types of activities in moderation and that you are balancing spending money with saving and investing. 
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