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Saving & Investing - Heart Matters


3. Practicing Delayed Gratification continued

b. Practicing Self Discipline and Delayed gratification while still having pleasure in our lives

Practicing Self Discipline and Delaying gratification is easier if we make sure to have a balance in our lives between doing things that give us pleasure and doing things that don't. For instance, it's easier to tell your friends that you can’t go out with them because you have to stay home and study for a test if you know you're going out with them later in the week. Thus, balance is the key. 

If we apply this to saving and investing, it might look like this: We may decide that instead of eating out five times a week, we will eat out two times per week, and we will take the money we save from not eating out those other three times and put it into a savings account.  But, that's not all. We are careful to only eat out when we’ve saved enough or budgeted well enough so that we don’t have to put our meal on a credit card. And remember, when you eat at home those three additional times, you can decide to make food that you like and enjoy. It is not only possible but also important to save and invest while also spending money in a moderate manner on pleasurable things.

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