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Saving & Investing - Head Matters




Saving and Investing are an important part of any financial plan. From short-term goals like an emergency fund or a new bike, to long term goals like paying for college and retirement, understanding how to save and invest is crucial to reach your goals. Saving and Investing Head Matters will explain different type of saving and investing tools and put you on track to build a plan to meet your goals. 

Our Saving and Investing course was developed in partnership with the Colorado Financial Planning Association, incorporating information from the Council for Economic Education.

Here's an outline of what we will cover in this course:

  1. Why Should You Save and Invest
    1. Emergency fund – Three to six months of expenses 
    2. Setting goals – Short-term and long-term 
    3. Saving and investing to reach your goals is better than using a credit card
    4. Retirement
  2. Saving vs. Investing
    1. How time impacts saving and investing
    2. Common savings products
    3. How to open a savings account
    4. Major types of investments
  3. How Interest is Earned
    1. Time value of money
    2. Compound vs. simple interest
    3. Rule of 72
  4. Understanding Risk
    1. Types of risk
  5. Types of accounts
    1. Types of financial institutions for saving and investing
    2. Taxable vs. tax-advantaged tools
    3. Retirement accounts
  6. Pay Yourself First
  7. How to Invest
    1. Investing on your own
    2. Comparing stocks & understanding a stock table
    3. Comparing mutual funds
    4. Selecting a professional
  8. Building an Investment Portfolio
    1. Risk tolerance
    2. Asset allocation
    3. Diversification
    4. Rebalancing
  9. Summary



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