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Saving & Investing - Heart Matters


4. Emotional Barriers to Saving and Investing

b. Lack of focus on the future

Another reason that people may not save or invest as much as they should is that we live in a “now” society. We like things to happen quickly and we often change course if we don’t see fast results. Saving and Investing are usually best practiced with a longer-term outlook.

Many people don’t get very much excitement or enjoyment out of saving or Investing for something that’s far away, like retirement or a college education. However, if you have long-term goals, you most likely need long term plans to reach those goals.

Even though your long-term goals may seem far away, the years tick by and before you know it you wish you had started saving and investing earlier. In the Saving and Investing: Head Matters course we explained the power of compound interest . This powerful tool works most effectively over a long term, as do many saving and investing benefits.

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