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Psychology of Money - Heart Matters


4. Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior

The good news about the Schachter-Singer Theory of Emotions is that our thoughts are not facts. Our thoughts are based on our perceptions that we've learned over time.  Sometimes our thoughts are accurate but sometimes, they're not especially when they are overly negative.  The other good news is that our feelings are within our control. When we change our thoughts, we change our emotions.  This means we can change our perceptions of and behaviors toward money.  Financial good health is possible!

“I control my feelings and can control my money.”

So far, we’ve explained how our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviors especially when it comes to money.  We have said that our thoughts can be like mental habits that occur even if they result in negative thinking.  Just like getting in shape, improving our nutrition, learning to study, we can change our habits.  And, if we change the way we think about something, we change our feelings and behaviors, too.  Now, we're going to explain how you change your thoughts and, thus, modify your feelings and behaviors.

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