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Psychology of Money - Heart Matters


4. Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior

Let’s begin with a word of caution.  Our heart matter materials are designed for those of you with normal negative emotions that sometimes feel overwhelming but go away shortly after you experience them.  They may make your life uncomfortable or even sometimes unmanageable, but you still seem to get by.  Our course is not designed for those of you suffering from chronic or acute mental health disorders that seriously interfere with your ability to function.  If you have negative feelings that are almost always there, if they seem to overwhelm you, if they last for more than several weeks, you may have a mental health problem that requires the help of a professional.  If that's the case whether you are dealing with serious financial difficulties or not, please consult your physician for referrals to a mental health professional.   There is help available and you are not alone.

Let's discuss the Schachter-Singer Theory of Emotions.  This theory is based on the work of psychologists Drs. Stanley Schachter and Jerome E. Singer.  The underlying principle of this theory is that we perceive the world through a lens of thoughts that are developed based on what we learn when growing up.  If we learned that we are capable and competent as children, we will see ourselves as capable and competent adults.  These thoughts trigger emotions and these emotions trigger certain behaviors.  Because we are capable and competent adults, we will confidently take on our money matters. 

Take a look at the conversation on the next page to better understand the Schachter-Singer Theory of Emotions.

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