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Psychology of Money - Heart Matters


2. Stress and Personal Finance

b. Distinguish between the “big stuff” stresses and the “small stuff” stresses (continued)

Stress and the big stuff (continued)
You may notice that nearly all the life crises on the LCU scale either directly impact your personal financial matters or pose a threat to them.  Even those events about which you feel good and provide more money, such as a change to a different line of work or a child who leaves home, can increase your stress because they require you to change and adapt to a new life. 

If you have a high LCU score, this is an especially important time to pay close attention to your financial matters even though it may be difficult in the face of so many stressors.  The reason for this is NOT paying close attention will add to your already stressful situation.  This is the time to organize your bills, toss junk mail, and post reminders in your planner or on your cell phone of due dates on your payments.  Perhaps it’s time to seek the help of a friend, family member, or a professional such as a psychotherapist or a financial advisor to talk about what you are experiencing and how it’s affecting your feelings and health.  The added stress of mismanaging your financial obligations will only make things worse.  And, remember, it is in YOUR control to both manage your finances and your thoughts about them and we can help with both!

High LCU Score
If you have a high LCU score, you may benefit from speaking with a counseling professional about how you are managing all of your stressors. If you are a student, your high school guidance counselor or college medical office is a great place to start. If you’re not a student, reach out to your health care provider or community-based mental health centers.

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