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Psychology of Money - Heart Matters


2. Stress and Personal Finance

a. What is stress?

Stress is something we often talk about, but its real meaning is rarely understood.  Stress is our body’s response to any demand made upon it.  The cause of the demand can be either physical or psychological.  Either way, we’re required to change and adapt to the demand because we can't function very well if we are in a constant state of being ready to respond.  It would be just plain exhausting.  The reason it would be exhausting and actually can lead to our body breaking down is that, to meet the demand, our bodies prepare for the change by arousing our nervous systems and our immune systems.  This is called is the “fight or flight” reaction.  Our heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugars increase to get ready to do battle or to run.  This is what we feel as stress. 

Our thoughts about money can cause us stress.  For instance, when we worry about money; are afraid of losing money; or are anxious about how people will view us when we don’t have enough money, we feel stress.  If we don’t accept, reduce, escape or eliminate the thoughts that cause us stress, we’re likely to suffer from:  headaches, an upset stomach, troubled sleeping, moodiness, heart disease, obesity, skin disease, or depression.

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