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Psychology of Money

Making payments, paying for college, and saving or investing in your future can be difficult.  Changing financial habits that may be causing financial difficulties can be even more challenging.  As the saying goes, “Car sickness is the feeling you get when the monthly payment is due.”  Since 2008, the world’s economy has been turned on its head and its heart.  This website is devoted to preventing you from experiencing both the headache and the heartache that come from being illiterate about finances.  We begin with the firm conviction that it IS possible to prevent financial meltdowns and get out of one by learning how finances work (head) and how you feel (heart) about money.  Learning about the psychology of money empowers you to take greater control over your financial life.   

Throughout this course you will be offered suggestions, information and tools to help you understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money.  We will help you take greater control over your financial life.   Taking control over your knowledge and feelings is not always easy.  We often feel paralyzed to make important changes in our lives because we don’t know what to do or have negative feelings about changing.  But you can do it!  Taking control over how you spend, saving and investing is possible.

One of the first steps in learning about the psychology of money is realizing what is in your control - your beliefs (thoughts, feelings, opinions, expectations) and your behaviors (spending, saving, investing).  Here is an example: You feel hopeless (belief) because you are living from paycheck to paycheck (behavior).  To compensate, you begin to use your credit card (behavior) because you think (belief) you deserve the good things in life even if your pay check isn’t big enough to get them.  Every one of these beliefs and behaviors are within YOUR control.  This course will focus on the psychology of money and provide strategies to help you change those things so that you can grab hold of your dreams.  Of course, the choice to do so is yours.



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