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9. Scholarship Search

Scholarship Profile Letter

Your personal profile letter could look like this:

Dear                                          ,
Thank you for agreeing to write a letter on my behalf. Your time is greatly appreciated.

Attached is a copy of the application for your reference and a stamped envelope for returning your letter. Below is some information you may find helpful in writing the recommendation.

I am applying for:                                                           _

The deadline is:                                                            _

My year in school:                                                            

Graduation date:                                                              


Major:                                                             Minor:                                                            

Educational and career goals:                                                              

Volunteer/Community activities:                                                            

Honors, awards, recognitions, noteworthy achievements:                                                       

You may remember me best from:                                                            

If you need more information, please contact me at any time.




Thanks again for your help. Your time is greatly appreciated. I’ll be in touch with results soon.



Make sure to say thanks
Finally, make sure you thank your references, and let them know if you received the scholarship. And, keep their letters on file.


Checklist for your references

  • Addressed, stamped envelope to return the letter of reference.  Some recommendations are now submitted only on-line.  Be sure your references have that information as it may require an access code or a special email address.
  • A blank copy of your application.
  • A letter with all the information your reference will need to write the recommendation.
  • The due date.
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