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Income - Head Matters


1. What Affects Income

b. How can you increase the money you bring home (continued)

Test your knowledge of gross pay and net pay by studying Tisane Wilson’s pay stub and then answering the questions below.  In the earning section of the pay stub, employee earnings are reported and typically include earnings for the current pay period and for the year to date.  Often, overtime pay is included as a separate entry.

Rita’s Boutique

Emp No   Employee Name  SSN   Period Beg  Period End
58238   Tisane Wilson  123-45-6789  07/04/09  07/17/09


EARNINGS  Reg Hrs    OT Hrs   Rate   Amount  YTD Amount
Regular   60.00      0.00 8.00   480.00   1,440.00


EMPLOYER PAID BENEFITS                     Amount  YTD Amount
Health Insurance    30.15   90.45
Social Security     29.76   89.28
Medicare     6.96   20.88
Retirement     13.55   40.65
BENEFITS Total     80.42   241.26


EMPLOYEE DEDUCTIONS                         Amount  YTD Amount
Federal Tax Withholding   44.81   134.43
Social Security Withholding   29.76   89.28
Medicare Withholding    6.96   20.88
State Tax Withholding    4.80   14.40
City Tax Withholding    1.40   4.20
Health Insurance    30.05   90.15
Disability Insurance    2.25   6.75
Retirement     13.55   40.65
Charitable Donation    2.00   6.00
DEDUCTIONS Total    135.58   406.74
NET PAY     344.42   1,033.26


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