Attention: Money 101 will no longer be available after May 31, 2021. After that time the Enrich financial literacy tool will be available at moving forward.

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Income - Head Matters



Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make as much money as you could spend?  Well, believe it or not, even people who make millions of dollars sometimes spend more than they make and find themselves in financial trouble.  The key is finding a balance between what you spend and make, then, if necessary, taking steps to improve your income. 

Here's an outline of what we will cover in this course:

  1. Determine what affects your income and how you can increase the money you bring home
    1. Factors affecting income.
    2. How can you increase the money you bring home.
  2. Explain how taxes and employee benefits relate to disposable income 
    1. Describe the tax deductions, tax credits and personal exemptions we receive that encourage us in certain behaviors and cut our tax bill.
  3. Analyze what effect an employer savings plan can have on current and future income
  4. Analyze how career choice, education, skills and economic conditions affect income
    1. Compare different jobs and analyze why salary differences exist.
    2. Long term financial planning - how education and training can lead to more money.
    3. Achieve your income goals: Instead of job…think career! 
  5. Summary 
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