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3. Identify Irrational Beliefs

These irrational beliefs are considered core beliefs because they are basic conclusions we draw about the way the world is.  And, they affect how we behave.  We filter and analyze nearly every life experience through these beliefs.  They form our basic philosophy of life from which we develop all other beliefs, attitudes and opinions.  They shape and ultimately define who we are.  As well as most other parts of life, they greatly influence our ability to create a plan for financial health, stick to it, and take control of our financial life.

You may be able to see that we often modify these core beliefs to specific situations.  So, for example, when we feel negative feelings and are overwhelmed by a very busy work and/or family schedule, we may tell ourselves that, “I need to get away from all this. So I’ll turn on the tube and watch whatever’s on.  If I do this, my problems will just go away for awhile.”  Now, this may sound silly and irrational when you hear it, but deep down, many of us feel and behave this way.  In other words, we’re thinking that irrational belief #10 is really true.

If you study this list of common irrational beliefs and apply them to situations in which you experience negative emotions, you may begin to realize how they create YOUR negative emotions and often times, actions.
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