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4. Career, Education, and Skills

c. Achieve your income goals: instead of job…think career! (continued) 

Other ways to increase income
Changing jobs or careers is not the only way to increase your income. Let’s look at some other opportunities that may have an impact on the amount that you bring home each month.

Consider getting more experience! Many people volunteer to learn new skills and gain exposure to sectors of the economy and business unfamiliar to them. Volunteer experiences make you more prepared and pays off in the long run. Think of it as a rehearsal so that, when the need arises, you are ready! What can you rehearse so you are ready when opportunity presents itself?  Remember that the world is run by those who show up!

Master your field
If you are already in or studying to go into a field that you like, work on becoming the best you can be in your field. Learn from others you work with or read materials related to your job. Recognize that education, skills and opportunity come together and may increase salaries and opportunity when you master competency on the job. Internships and work-study jobs are excellent way to move toward mastery even when you are still in college.

Plan ahead
Read and talk to others about where the economy is heading and select a field that is in demand. This is a continuous process because as events unfold, new opportunities arise and others fade from importance. Remember the easier the job is, the less it will pay and that more people will apply. Employment that requires more skill and intelligence pays more. Get the skills and education to contribute and be eligible for those high-demand jobs. Use the tools at College In Colorado to explore careers and make sure that you're on track.

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