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Identity Theft - Head Matters


3. Victims of Identity Theft

If you’re a victim of identity theft, you’ll want to be sure to act quickly and document your activities.  If the police were involved with investigating the theft, be sure to get a report or case number and name of the officer.

a. Documenting your actions

Begin documenting the time and money you spend fixing the identity theft. In some states, any person found guilty of financial identity theft will be ordered to pay restitution to the victim for any financial loss, including lost wages.
Be sure to keep all documents related to your identity theft battle, including:

  • Keep copies of correspondence—mail and email.
  • Record all telephone calls, including the date and time of your call and the name and title of the person who assisted you.
  • Write letters or emails to confirm all phone conversations. Include the date, the name of the person you spoke with and what actions were taken.
  • To be extra careful, send documents and letters through the mail using “Return Receipt Requested” where you will get a receipt from the post office once the mail has been delivered.
  • Consider using the ID Theft Affidavit to avoid having to complete different forms. This form can assist you in disputing inaccurate information that appears on your credit report as a result of fraud. It’s available at Keep copies of all the affidavits that you send.


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