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Identity Theft - Head Matters


1. Identity Theft

b. Where are the thieves?

Victims of identity theft often find that someone they know has committed the crime.  Roommates, repair workers, and landlords all have access to your home.  It is possible for them to access private information.  Identity theft within families is also very common.  This causes particular difficulties, because victims may be reluctant to notify the authorities or press charges.  People are especially vulnerable when ending relationships with roommates and spouses. 

Identify thieves can also be found in parking lots of gyms or parks where consumers may leave their wallets and purses in their cars.  Thieves break in and steal them.  They may drive up and down streets looking for business or home computers with unencrypted  wireless internet access to steal information on them.  Or they may install keyloggers at gas stations to “read” cards swiped at the pump.

With all these tricky thieves, how do you protect yourself?  Read on.


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