Attention: Money 101 will no longer be available after May 31, 2021. After that time the Enrich financial literacy tool will be available at moving forward.

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Credit has many meanings in our lives…credit for classes we take in school, credit for doing a good job at something, credit due on our accounts when we pay too much.  In this unit, you will begin understanding credit and how it can affect your financial wellness.  In addition, use this unit to learn about managing your credit for college throughout life. 

In this unit you will learn about credit as the confidence others have in your ability and intention to pay as demonstrated by letting you buy goods or services without paying for them right away.  Wow!  Think about it!   Someone you’ve never met trusting that you will pay for something of value later just because you have credit!  That can be very powerful – if you use it wisely. Understanding credit and managing credit correctly can make that confidence others have in you a permanent part of your life by starting here!    

Borrowing Money in Plain English
Before you get started with the credit course, check out this short video about the risks and realities of borrowing money.



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