Attention: Money 101 will no longer be available after May 31, 2021. After that time the Enrich financial literacy tool will be available at moving forward.

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About Money 101

The Money 101 Program

Personal financial education is not only a requirement for many of our students, it’s an important life skill that will help them complete their education and succeed in the workforce.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education developed the Money 101 financial literacy program to provide important financial education to help students and families make informed decisions about education after high school and reach their higher education goals.

The Money 101 program offers a robust, interactive online curriculum, addressing broad personal finance topics such as managing a budget, credit and debt, income and spending, saving and investments, and college financing. The online program is presented in units so that users or educators can choose which topics are most important or interesting to them. Or, based on answers to a few brief questions, we can recommend content. For our registered users, their work is saved so that they can pick up right where they leave off.  We also offer printed workbooks, presentations and many professional tools and resources, including our Money 101 Groups learning management system and our train-the-trainer professional development classes.

All Money 101 tools and resources are available to Colorado educators and non-profit partners free of charge and with excellent support. 

Our Core Values

Higher Education Focus – Finances are one of the most common barriers to enrolling and remaining in higher education. With improved financial literacy, students and families will better understand the positive impact that higher education can have on their financial future. They’ll also have a better understanding of the tools and resources available to find an appropriate education path, create a financial plan to get to college, and stay in college. Be sure to visit other topics comprehensively discussed in including Career Planning, High School Planning, College Planning and Financial Aid Planning.

Head and Heart Approach – Because financial decisions are so often motivated by emotional, psychological, and cultural forces, our program focuses on more than the fundamentals of personal finance. In addition to teaching users about the nuts and bolts, including defining financial terms and explaining how finances work and fit together, the curriculum also helps users explore their relationships with money, the consequences of decisions they’ve made in the past or may make in the future, and the frameworks from which they view their financial situations. With this knowledge, users will have the tools to make good financial decisions and to recognize when they make less productive financial decisions and understand why.

Partnership – We understand that many other not-for-profit organizations have special expertise in financial literacy. Our curriculum and tools are complementary to their exceptional contributions and will be offered collaboratively. Partnering with other expert organizations by sharing materials, access, and users to the greater benefit of Colorado families is a principal value for this program. We believe that the need for financial literacy is infinite and, through collaborating with our partners, we will come closer to ensuring financial access to education beyond high school for all Coloradans.

Referencing our content

Money 101 is a free program from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. If you would like to reference information from the Money 101 program, please attribute our content as follows: 

Colorado Department of Higher Education. ©(2013). <Name of Course>. In Money 101. Retrieved from <full URL> 


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